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    • Comparative Study of Feature-Selective Sliding Window Object Detectors in Images 

      Waghmare, Sagar Manohar (2012)
      Object detection in 2 D images remains a key challenge in computer vision. There are many different machine learning and feature extraction algorithms available. As there is no free lunch , we have no complete understanding ...
    • Hierarchical multiple instance learning for object detection 

      Das, Dipankar (2010)
      Object detection remains one of the most important problems in computer vision. In the last decade, hierarchical representations have been proven powerful for object detection and recognition under general settings, achieving ...
    • Key Part Detection Using Boundary-Regional Codebook 

      Li, Xin (2011)
      This thesis addresses human body part detection techniques for the purpose of modeling complex human activities. The goal of this research is to detect and segment key human body parts, such as head, torso and arms from ...