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    • Automatic Learning of Grammatical Encoding 

      Levin, Lori; Alvarez, Alison; Frederking, Robert; Good, Jeff (CSLI, 2008)
      Avenue (Probst et al., 2002, Monson et al., 2004, Lavie et al., 2003, Font-Llitjoset al.,2005)1 is a machine translation system that automatically learns translation rules between two languages. In the Avenue scenario, one ...
    • The MILE Corpus for Less Commonly Taught Languages 

      Good, Jeff; Gates, Donna; Fung, Simon; Frederking, Robert; Levin, Lori; Alvarez, Alison (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2006)
      This paper describes a small, structured English corpus that is designed for translation into Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs), and a set of re-usable tools for creation of similar corpora. The corpus systematically ...
    • Modeling and Encoding Traditional Wordlists for Machine Applications 

      Poornima, Shakthi; Good, Jeff (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2010)
      This paper describes work being done on the modeling and encoding of a legacy resource, the traditional descriptive wordlist, in ways that make its data accessible to NLP applications. We describe an abstract model ...
    • Modeling Wordlists via Semantic Web Technologies 

      Good, Jeff; Poornima, Shakthi (2010)
      We describe an abstract model for the traditional linguistic wordlist and provide an instantiation of the model in RDF/XML intended to be usable both for linguistic research and machine applications.
    • Semi-Automated Elicitation Corpus Generation 

      Alvarez, Alison; Levin, Lori; Frederking, Robert; Peterson, Erik; Good, Jeff (2005)
      In this document we will describe a semi-automated process for creating elicitation corpora. An elicitation corpus is translated by a bilingual consultant in order to produce high quality word aligned sentence pairs. The ...